AFTA experts GmbH conducts scientific experiments in the laboratory, glasshouse and under field conditions to evaluate the effectiveness of plant protection products, fertilizers, biostimulants and the quality of seed varieties. We cover the whole process from design and performance of experiments to evaluation of the product’s effectiveness and analysis of the data. Moreover, we provide our clients with reliable solutions and innovative ideas for development and promotion of their products.

Laboratory and glasshouse studies

Laboratory and glasshouse experiments are the preliminary steps in the procedure for screening of a potential candidate or development of a future product effective in improvement of plant health and growth. AFTA experts GmbH supports you in your research program for screening of a future product or evaluation of your prototype or existing product by conducting the required scientific experiments under controlled conditions in the laboratory and glasshouse.

Field trials

Test of your new product under practical conditions in the field is very important to bring it faster to market. AFTA experts GmbH provides the possibility to test your products and your varieties in the field in small and large scales. The ideal cooperation between our scientific experts and our experienced farmer partners enables us to conduct your required experiments in a variety of locations across Austria under different climate conditions.